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Register for an event hosted on Hopin
Register for an event hosted on Hopin

Conferences: Learn how you can sign up for hopin, how to network and the platform's fields

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To register on the Hopin platform, select your ticket and press the "Checkout" button. Then add your personal information and click "Sign up". If you already have an account, then go to the top of the page, and click the "Log in" button.

If you log in before the conference starts, the platform will be closed. This is a good opportunity to fill in the details in your personal profile, in order to have a successful networking throughout the conference.

  1. Reception: The reception area is the welcome page of the event. Here you can quickly find out what is happening at the moment, the conference agenda as well as the speakers’ information.

  2. Stage: Here is our virtual stage. The stage will be used for all the speeches. When you are on stage, you have access to a separate chat that is only available to those who are watching the current speech. Within the stage you will also find the Q&A, through which you can address your questions to the speakers as well as vote on the questions you liked, so that they are given priority in case there is not enough time for all the questions.

  3. Sessions: Through the Sessions field you can access the conference translation, in real time, as well as lectures or workshops that run simultaneously with the Stage.

  4. Networking: Here you have the opportunity to connect with the other participants, throughout the event. These 1-on-1 meetings last up to 3 minutes and you can leave at any time. A timer in the upper right corner will let you know how much time is left in each conversation.

    When the time is up, your meeting will end automatically and you can click the "ready" button to match a new participant. If you want to share contact information with the other person in your meeting, both participants must click the "connect" button. If you sign in, hopin will share information such as your name and email address with the other participant. You can find the contacts you have made by going to your profile in the "connections" tab. (Note that you will accidentally match another participant in the networking area.)

  5. Expo: In the Expo area, you can find all the digital booths participating in the event. You can access each booth to gather information about the company and interact with the host. Each booth has its own chat, so you can leave questions or interact with other participants.

Where can I chat?

There are multiple chat channels in a Hopin event. Each one serves a different purpose.

  • Event chat: global event chat where all participants can post messages. Here we will post important announcements so please refrain from using the event chat unless really necessary.

  • Stage chat: chat with a Stage-related discussion all attendees have access to. Feel free to discuss and address your questions to our speakers.

  • Booth chat: Each booth has its own chat for group discussions and interaction.

  • Direct messages: anyone can send messages to an individual at a Hopin event via DMs in the People tab. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat with in the People tab, click their profile photo, and send a direct message to them. Additionally, you can invite people to a 1-on-1 chat using the direct message option in the people-tab.

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