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Digital booth manual for sponsors
Digital booth manual for sponsors

Conferences: A useful guide for sponsors on the use of digital booths

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To navigate the digital booth environment, tap the “EXPO” button in the vertical navigation bar to your left.

Here, you can see a preview of all available booths.

Click on your booth.

Pressing the "play" button plays the video we have set. It is advised to have a video from your business Youtubechannel, as it allows visitors to subscribe directly. You also have the choice of playing a presentation.

On the right of the screen, the description of your company is displayed, as well as the links for your website and social media profiles.

Going further down, there is room to optionally add an offer to the delegates, and even further down there is the Call-to-action Button, which either leads the delegates to your website or, as in this booth, automatically forwards to you, the contact details of the delegate, via email.

Going up again, having the booth tab selected, click on chat.

Here is your private chat for chatting with attendees who want to know more about your company.

In the Polls field, you have the opportunity to create a poll and get statistics from the attendees who visit you. To create them, contact the person in charge of organizing the conference.

Finally, in the people field you can see at any time how many, and which delegates are in your digital booth. Here you have the option to invite a delegate to a video call, schedule a call at a specific time, or just send a message.

By clicking on the INVITE TO VIDEO CALL button and then on the link that is created, you are transferred to a private room to chat with camera, with the person you have chosen.

To create hashtags that lead to your booth, just copy the link of your booth, and paste it in the chat.

Do not copy and paste the, already, sent message, as the link will not work.

In case you have chosen a REPRESENTATIVE BOOTH you MUST know the following!

Your company representative should be available at least during breaks and be able to share their camera and microphone with delegates for a more interactive experience. All you have to do is click the button at the top right of your screen. Then click on the blue button that says "Share audio and video".

The first time you press the button, you will need to select the microphone and camera you want to use. Make sure it is correct, and that your image preview is correct. Click apply, and you are ready to communicate with the audience. At the top you can see the posts that are available as well as how many are watching your conversation at the moment. (02:56)

To allow the public to chat with you you must click on the green cross with the name that will appear at the bottom of your screen, inside the moderation panel.

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